Christopher Jones MD

Full scale plastic surgery firm. They were voted 2021’s best plastic surgeon for Breast Augmentation and Facelifts! – they’ve been featured across the country on major * Seen on: Newsweek, WebMd, Medicinenet, and TopRatedLocal

Project overview

The entire goal of this site was to inform, educate, and guide clients to a consultation. All while making a seamless experience for both new and retained clients, and we understood how big of a responsibility this was and treated it as such! These were real humans, getting real medical work done. Not to downplay eCommerce sites, but they weren't just buying a beauty product. They're purchasing alterations to their bodies!

What we did


Return Customer Rate




Online Revenue Increase (30 Days)
Simple Navigation

A complicated landscape isn’t so complicated with a user-friendly interface.

With a massive product selection, we took to UX research and better understood what went through a user's mind during these purchase decisions. This brought Christopher Jone's side menu to life. After the interface was built we tested it amongst 200+ users and had 98% positive feedback.


Modern Branding

After hours of research, and hanging out at the drawing board we came to the conclusion that trust mattered most here. By utilizing a tint of blue, and a shade of milk-chocolate brown we were able to evoke the emotion of trust and familiarity in our user interviews. This was big.


Technical upgrade

Through local SEO implementation and strategizing, we increased their SERP placement by 1.7 Million. Rather mind-blowing, right? We also got them on the first page of google for local plastic-surgery searches in the area. Since the launch of their new site, we've increased conversion by 126%. Picture us with a mic... we've dropped it.

Wrapping it up

We had to position Christopher Jones, MD, as an actual human here to help. They're performing life-altering work. They had to display authority in this space while keeping a friendly, human touch.
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