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Renowned worldwide for her expertise in organizing, Marie Kondo is dedicated to spreading the joy-sparking principles of decluttering and organizing. Her unique method goes beyond simple tidying, aiming to help people redefine their connection with their possessions.

Project overview

In the collaboration with KonMari Media, our team successfully undertook a comprehensive website redesign and development project, focusing on optimizing key elements of the platform to amplify Marie Kondo's joy-sparking philosophy of decluttering and organizing. The primary objectives were to enhance user experience, streamline website performance, and drive increased customer engagement and sales.

What we did

Wrapping it up

The successful redesign and development of KonMari Media's website have reinforced Marie Kondo's global impact in the organizing world. By creating a more efficient and user-centric platform, we have empowered individuals to embrace the joy-sparking philosophy of decluttering and organizing.
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