Moxie Scrubs

Moxie Scrubs is an industry-leading medical apparel company that provides scrubs that are strategically designed by nurses for nurses.

Project overview

The project objectives were to redesign the Moxie Scrubs’ website with a modern intuitive design, improve SEO to increase organic traffic, optimize the website for faster loading times, and create a logic-based user experience (UX) for visitors.

What we did


Technical Website Issues Fixed


Bounce rate


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Website Design and UX

Modern Design and Logic-Based UX

Polished Code focused on improving the overall user experience, from the navigation to the website's layout and content hierarchy. We made sure the website was easy to use on any device with responsive design and optimized mobile views because let’s be honest, nurses don’t have the time to be slowed down by less than perfect UX/UI design!

SEO Optimization

Increased Organic Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

Polished Code conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic search terms in the medical apparel industry. We incorporated those keywords into the website's content, meta tags, and other on-page elements. We also optimized the website's page titles, descriptions, and headings to align with best SEO practices. Moxie Scrubs is now ranking number 1 on Google for: “Soft Scrubs For Nurses” “Softest Scrubs” Moxie Scrubs is also ranking on the first page of Google for: “Soft Scrub Brand” (2) “Comfortable Scrubs” (2) “Soft Scrubs” (2) “Jogger Scrub Pants” (7) “Nurse Scrubs” (8)

Shopify 2.0 Upgrade

Improved Website Performance and Faster Loading Times

Coming into a website you didn’t build with the intention of improving is a challenging task. With limited documentation, we needed to understand how existing features were set up to make improvements and updates. We quickly realized that Moxie Scrubs’ current website was running on outdated code, so we hit the ground running. In the initial phase, we created a development site for the client to start the transition to Shopify 2.0. This approach allowed us to ensure that there was no downtime on the site. During the development phase we also performed the following tasks: App audit: We reviewed all the installed apps and removed any that were not being used or were causing performance issues. Theme development: We developed Moxie Scrubs’ website from scratch, because you already know how we feel about templates. We also added lazy loading to images to improve page load times. Backend optimization: Moxie Scrubs is now taking advantage of Shopify 2.0 features which includes native product filtering, reusable content sections on all subpages, and the utilization of metafields/metaobjects that facilitate data management and content streamlining.

Wrapping it up

Our team was proud to partner with Moxie Scrubs throughout the entire process to ensure that their brand was accurately represented throughout the website. We are confident that Moxie Scrubs’ website will continue to support their massive business growth and success in the years to come. We look forward to a continued partnership.
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