4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

Today, with so many people surfing the web from their phones, it’s essential to offer a great mobile website experience. Without it, you can’t cater to the majority of internet users, and are likely missing out on traffic and leads for your business as a result.

Here are 5 reasons your website should be responsive.

Helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Imagine if every website you visited off of a google results page was just a shrunken down version of the desktop site. To view the content on the page, you’d have to pinch and zoom to see anything. It’d be pretty frustrating right? Well….. Google thinks so too.

In 2015, Google made a change to its search engine algorithms, This change is known as Mobilegeddon. Mobilegeddon factors in how well a website displays on smartphones and other mobile devices and gives priority to sites that are responsive.

Helps Build Credibility

Many people don’t take a mental note if they have a great experience with a website (because today it’s expected), but they definitely do when they have a bad experience. By making sure your website is responsive, you will be ensuring a sense of professionalism and reliability for your brand in a world where reputation is everything.

Social Media

Almost all social media platforms are viewed through a mobile device. A responsive website makes it easy for your company to take advantage of social media marketing strategies. Making your website responsive, will give you the upper hand when it comes to linking your social accounts to your websites, resulting in more traffic.

More Cost-Effective And More Efficient

Believe it or not, before responsive development became the preferred method, many companies would have two websites. One for desktop and one for mobile. As you can imagine that can get pretty expensive. By using a responsive design, you are saving time and money by investing in a single site design that is appealing to all visitors on all devices.

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