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PBLS Logistics is a leading provider of transportation and logistics services, serving a wide range of industries across the country.

Project overview

In an effort to improve their online presence and streamline the user experience for their customers, PBLS Logistics entrusted us to handle their website's copywriting, optimize the user experience (UX), and increase efficiency on all three sides of their business; Shippers, receivers, and the drivers!

What we did


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10-4 Good Buddy!

PBLS's website copy did not effectively differentiate them from their competitors. It was also difficult for visitors to understand the full range of services that PBLS offered. As a result, PBLS was not providing the level of service they pride themselves on. To address these issues, our creative team conducted research to better understand PBLS's target audience and their pain points. We also analyzed the websites of PBLS's competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation. Based on this research, we developed a new messaging strategy for PBLS that focused on their expertise and personalized approach to logistics.

Driver Convenience

We basically got your packages delivered faster

We implement an automated backend process using a specialized software platform. This platform allowed drivers to easily communicate with shippers and freight brokerages about the status of their deliveries, including when a delivery was picked up, in transit, or delivered. The implementation process began with the selection of a suitable software platform. PBLS conducted market research and sought the input of their drivers and other stakeholders to determine the best solution. After careful consideration, they selected a platform that offered real-time tracking, messaging capabilities, and integration with their existing systems.

User Experience

Design for 2 audiences in mind

To begin the project we conducted user research to understand the needs and pain points of both consignees and shippers. This included interviews, surveys, and usability testing. Based on the research findings, we identified several areas for improvement. One key issue was that the site was difficult to navigate, with important information buried deep in the site structure. To address this, Polished Code redesigned the site's information architecture to make it more intuitive and easier to find what users were looking for. The agency also redesigned the site's layout to make it more visually appealing and mobile-friendly. This included using larger font sizes and more whitespace to improve readability, as well as using responsive design techniques to ensure the site looked great on all devices.

Wrapping it up

Through user research, we revealed several opportunities for improvement and implemented changes such as redesigning the site structure and layout, new features such as real-time tracking and integration with popular shipping platforms, and improved copywriting. As a result of these efforts, the PBLS website saw an increase in traffic and user engagement, as well as a decrease in customer support inquiries. Overall, the optimization project was a great success, resulting in a significantly improved user experience for both consignees and shippers. In addition, the agency implemented automated backend processes to streamline communication between drivers, shippers, and freight brokerages, resulting in fewer delays and misunderstandings and an overall more efficient operation. We’ve done our part to help with the logistics chain issues of the US.
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