6 Reasons Outsourced Copywriting is Key to Success

We can all agree that marketing on the web is crucial to the success of your business, and outsourcing some of those digital marketing necessitates to third-party professionals can prove to be a good move.

A few areas of digital marketing make sense to outsource; one sub-set in particular that should be a high priority is copywriting. Third-party copywriters increase your content's SEO, deliver a clear message crafted for diverse audiences, and know how to write with conversion goals in mind.

A great copywriter who paved the way for women in the industry once said: "A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter" - Judith Charles.

Here are the top six reasons to outsource your copywriting.

Time - Your greatest commodity

We're not trying to be corny, but you can't ever get your time back, and you want to make the most of it. Generating copy that converts is super time-consuming. It's because there are so many details that make up compelling copy.

You get to continue working on what you're passionate about and focusing on the core of your business. When we handle your copywriting, you never have to push back any of your deadlines!

Third-Party Perspective

Sometimes when you're working with something so closely for a long time, it can be easy to forget the little things that just come naturally to you now. But, more often than not, copywriters are not experts in your field, so the copy comes with a fresh perspective. This allows them to write compellingly and relate to your target audience.


Not everyone is a professional writer, and that's just fine! Not everyone is an expert in your field either. Still fine. It's a good thing because the world would be super boring if we all brought the same skills to the table.

An expert copywriter can take ideas and spin them into a silky smooth word web that a diverse group of readers can understand. A professional copywriter will get your message across in a way that generates sales and builds trust.

Content is King

The internet is continuing to become an even more crowded place as over a billion new users are emerging just in 2021! Yes. Billion with a B. That means more and more content is being shoveled onto the internet every minute. The highest-value-driven, quality content that answers your audience's questions will be the page that shows up in search engines. When you work with a professional copywriter, they'll create just that and keep your spark of originality at its core. One more thing, if you hire an SEO copywriter, you'll make even more progress online! Humblebrag, we are SEO copywriters.

Strategy in Mind

It's fun to be creative and put your wordplay on display, but professional writers know how to combine that with data-driven strategies in mind. A copywriter will sit down with you and key partners of your business to get an understanding of your business goals, customer traits, your industry, and more! Then, your words become the backbone of what they create for your future customers.

Results Faster

Let's bring this full circle, starting back with our first point. You'll save time. The extra time allows you to focus on other branches of your business. So while you're talking to leads and helping customers, your copywriter is bringing you more leads so you can focus on the part of your business that you love.

How is that faster? Because you're generating referrals with your fabulous service and managing other marketing areas while your copywriter is generating leads as well. It's a two-headed dragon.

Respecting the importance of strategy, expectations, consistent delivery, and speed, it is no wonder that hiring a copywriting service is becoming the new norm amongst B2C and B2B businesses. According to a study done by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 57% of companies outsourced their writing in 2019. That's like, more than half.

If these aren't good reasons to look into outsourcing copy, then we don't know what is! So let us take your digital marketing to the next level and schedule a call to see what we can do!

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