Awesome Reasons to Automate Your Backend

We're going to talk about system automation. 

Sounds super fun, right? 😉 
It is, though! 

Automating your site's back-end saves time, money and allows you to focus on the tasks to grow your business! 

Think about how much time it takes to send things like welcome emails! Even if you're only making minor tweaks and writing them in advance, that time starts to add up. 

Time starts to come into play much more as you begin to grow. Because in the beginning, if you don't have funds, you have time. 🙃  

If you're making $100 an hour and can save 3 hours a week by automating your site, you've now got an extra $300 worth of time to allocate toward expanding your business. It's a cycle! 

In light of saving time, we'll briefly cover four reasons you should implement the automation process! 

1. Streamline Communication 

Receiving hundreds of emails a day makes it impossible to remember everything you need to do or turns into a never-ending task list. 

Keeping a list may be a solution, but you have to remember that you wrote it down and where you wrote it. Then you also have to remember to update the list! 

Psst. You can even automate your to-do lists 😉

The proper solution is automating your business workflow. 

It allows you to unify all communication methods; all requests can be placed on one dashboard! 

2. Strong Accountability Foundation 

Once the workflow is automated, you'll see who and what is responsible for each piece of the process, like approvals and rejections. 

It's much easier to fix kinks and expand new branches of your process from there!  

Once everything is automated, it's impossible to avoid your responsibilities and hierarchy. 

Plus, you can even automate the priority of each task! 🤯

3. Higher Level Business Insights 

How much time does it take you to go over your site analytics and gauge where your focus should be and why? 

When an effective automation system is put in place, the work for all-level employees becomes so much easier. 

It's imperative to know at what level and speed responsibilities are executed. This lets you see if you or your employees have too much on their plate and vice-versa. 

You'll know if it's time to increase or decrease workloads.  

4. Faster Approvals and Updated Customers 

An automated workflow simplifies the hierarchy of an approval process. 

For example:

Someone fills out an application and doesn't click submit. With nifty automation in place, a robot can message that customer who thinks they're waiting on you for a response and say, 

"Hey there, please don't forget to sign XYZ and click submit on your inquiry! 
If you did it right, you should see something like this!" - Showing them a successful inquiry. 

See where we're going with this? 

Just from that example, you saved yourself time, provided better customer service, and pushed someone across the conversion finish line!!! 


Automation is just like delegation, but it's a robot's time and helps alleviate that pesky human error.  

We'd love to jump on the phone as humans to chat about your goals and see if we'd be a good fit. 

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