Just A Couple Inventory Tips

Hey humans!

Over the past few years, we've had the opportunity to work with some crazy high-volume e-commerce stores.

We've learned so much. Hopefully, these inventory tips will help generate new customers and save money.

Minimize Waste

There's a massive opportunity for community engagement here.

Sign up for the local environmental meetups in your area and talk about how your company is handling recyclables.

Not only are you establishing roots in the local community, but you'll also learn valuable information along the way. You'll expand the earth's life and the dollars in your pocket!

Sell the Storage

Don't be afraid to sell your inventory off if it's a product that's not doing well, getting canceled, etc...

No, you don't have to get in touch with the TJ Maxx purchaser.

Just google "liquidation wholesalers" near me, and see what they're willing to offer you!

Customer Engagement

One of our clients would triple the marketing efforts for a product once the count got low. It maximizes urgency surrounding your product in the customer's mind and spreads FOMO.

When they sold out, advertising efforts continued for another whole week!

We put a pre-order button on their site, and they were converting on something that wasn't even in stock yet!!

That made them money, expanded storage space, and allowed them to know how many they should order over the pre-order list.


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