Should You Really Use That Website Template?

When thinking about creating a new website for your business, almost everyone is looking for the most convenient and fastest option available. This normally points to using a free (or sometimes paid) website template. In theory, this seems like the best option because in almost an instant your website design and development is complete.  This looks great on paper, but in reality you are creating obstacles that will cost you much more in the long run. Here’s why.  

Templates are cheap and basic

We all know the old saying “you get what you pay for”, this also applies to your website. Website templates are cheap, which is their number one selling point.  That being said, you are not the only one using the template that you chose, which allows your business to blend in with competition and lessens your value.

You are no longer recognizable.

Templates limit Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

SEO is how your business gets seen on search engines and is one of the most important aspects of a website.  When using a template, you are playing with fire. Templates normally are slow to load, limits where you can or cannot put content, and can make it hard for you to edit important meta titles and tags.

Your website might not be found.

Possibilities are NOT limitless

When using a template you are limiting your business. You are forcing your business to fit the mold of a template instead of molding a website to your brand. You lose out on the opportunity to provide your customers with a unique experience that will eventually create higher conversion rates (MORE MONEY)!  

You are not fulfilling your business’ full potential.

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