Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Blogs are dead. We hear some version of this every year. 

It’s a bunch of hoopla, nonsense, fake news if you will. Here are four important reasons your business needs a blog in 2021. 

Boost Local SEO 

2020 was full of ups and downs, so you’re probably aware of how important it is for the local community to know you’re there and what you’re doing! 

Your business can be displayed on Google when someone is in the specific areas you target. You might not be the number one result worldwide, but it’s essential to be high on search results in your local community. 

Establish the Narrative: You ARE an Expert 

Blogs are a tremendous opportunity to set the stage as an expert. 

Hear me out. A beautiful and efficiently laid out site is fantastic and makes your clients comfortable enough to start looking around. Your blog is the place where you make an emotional connection.

Let that passion you have pent up about your brand explode across the user’s screen. They’ll feel it too. Let customers know you don’t just supply a service or product they want; Show them you provide products based on knowledge and experience. It’s your chance to say all the things you’d wish you could fit into a phone conversation. Once it’s said, it stays up as long as you want it to. So you don’t even have to say it over and over again. If you’re noticing a consistent pain point question from your clients, send them all a post you wrote just for them because they were on your mind. When someone asks the same question later, send them the post. It establishes that you bring quality to the table. With everyone taking shortcuts on their blogs in today’s internet age, it’s continuing to open up a massive hole in the market for those who want to shine. There are more blogs on the internet than there ever have been before, but there’s also more terrible half-assed content than ever before. Take advantage of all this lackluster content, and gain more market share than the competition. 

New Sales Funnels 

If your blog isn’t a powerful sales funnel for your brand, it’s a freeloader. Lol, right, though? 

It’s taking time and effort from you but offering nothing in return. 

Toxic. Relationship. No more. Generating new customers from your blog is a long game approach. 

Think of it like sinking your roots deeper and deeper into the ground, and you’re a big ass oak tree. The ground, is well, the internet! 

After about a year of posting content, you should start to see solid revenue results. We define consistent content as 52 posts a year; that’s once a week! 

Your blog is a 24/7/365 sale person you get to put in place. 

It doesn’t matter if someone is shopping your brand at 3 am; they can get the answers they need to buy.  Do you see what we mean? Blogs aren’t just words to hopefully appear in search engines more often.  They’re your little sales titans, willing to fight till the end!  If you arm them with good content... revenue and happy customers are what you’ll get. Your blog provides valuable insights and information that helps new clients stick around, get on board with your brand mission, and purchase your products. 

Endless Supply of Repurposable Content 

You know what you’re doing. So your business is likely on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others that make sense for your brand! Those accounts, specifically your professional accounts, have never-ending appetites for new content. Blog posts are gold in regard to filling your social media schedule and coming up with fresh content for your other platforms! 

It doesn’t just have to be a link to your blog post. Use quotes, images, or screenshots from the posts to engage with your audience. Have your blog posts created for various audiences in mind. Then, you’ll never have trouble posting relevant content for your followers again. Entertaining an audience will keep them returning, and educating them will keep customers purchasing from your company. 


Your blog should talk like your brand talks. Consistency is key. 

Hope this got your wheels turning and maybe sparked some ideas. We’d be happy to answer any and all questions you have about blogging. We’ve got in-house experts that really care about words on the web. We don’t win unless you win. 

Your friends at Polished Code!

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