Elliott Films

Videography agency with a dual focus in commercial branding and capturing the soul of weddings.

Project overview

We needed to set their website up in seamless fashion so that depending on the type of client, they could get where they needed to fast, and efficiently. While that’s always the case when it comes to providing a satisfactory experience to users; this was particularly important, because Elliot Film’s users are so drastically different. So their experiences and content needed to be tailored differently as well.

What we did


Page Visits


Unique Visitors


Social Traffic

Wrapping it up

Elliott Film Co was built from the ground up to ensure they grow on the internet. Through data analysis and user feedback, we can confidently say this launch was a success. We worked alongside their brand managers, mentors, and content creators to bring this to life. We put our project management skills on display by keeping everyone on the same page, to get this site to market on time, and done well.
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