Kay Daye

KayDaye is an Indianapolis travel blogger. She’s been invited to some of the most sought after venues in the city, and even across the country!

Project overview

KayDaye needed a travel blog that was seamless for her users to review current, and past content. It was important that the website captures the personality she brought to her industry and clients.

What we did


Page Visits


Organic Traffic


LTK Revenue
Blog categories

Categories smadigories. We show them what they want to see.

We utilized an intricate blog categorization. It allows KayDay’s users to access the content they’re looking for as well as explore other associated content. With a back-end algorithm in place, the website is able to pick up on past viewed articles and place the most relevant options near the top of the page.


A lighthouse for users sailing through search engines.

Polished Code got in the backdoor with this website. With so much competition, we had to win where we could. We used KayDay’s active blogging strategy to our advantage. We looked at keywords, and realized there were a ton on the rise, and based their entire SEO strategy around those. We knew we wouldn’t win the sprint, but she’s been crushing the SEO marathon!

Web Design

Different approach, different design.

We took Neo Brutalism and Minimalism, threw 'em in a bottle, and shook it up! This UI brings a spicy take on web-design, by mixing two aesthetics rarely seen put in practice together, let alone done well.

Wrapping it up

KayDay is appearing in search results across the state because of her blogging efforts. With a website that conveys her unbiased spicy approach to the industry, her users quickly become cult followers. Of course, the robots doing some extra work to show users articles associated with their interests also helps. 😉
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