The Jiselle Lauren Foundation

The Jiselle Lauren Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to serve children no matter their diagnosis. They have raised and provided thousands of dollars for niche medical treatments needed for rare disabilities.

Project overview

The primary goal for this website was to make a squeezable landing page that appealed to potential donors, and get the families who need help to the right place to receive the assistance they need. By gathering emails and contact information, The Jiselle Lauren Foundation is able to communicate with families and donors. With any nonprofit organization, communication of funds and assistance is key to get from point a to b, happily.

What we did


Bounce Rate


Unique Website Visitors


Form submissions

Without integration, there is no donation.

The charitable actions of The Jiselle Lauren Foundation's donors are what make it all possible. So we needed to make sure the website abided by all red-tape put in place for non profits as well as integrate with their donation systems. We integrated with the payment system, and implemented two fail-safes to ensure it works, everytime. #ForTheKids

UI Design

Happy Scrolling, for Happy Results

All too often we see nonprofit organizations providing websites that don’t display the beauty and happiness they transfer to their communities. Not this time. The Jiselle Lauren Foundation's website brings a light, and airy experience to situations that might not always be least stressful to the families they’re helping. These families don’t need another stale website overloaded with text. They need an enlightening experience that displays hope, and fulfillment. That’s what we brought to life for them.


Gathering people for a reason!

The Jiselle Lauren Foundation's holds fundraising events throughout the year to give the community, donors, and families they assist a fun loving time. These events are held to give a closer look at the value this organization brings to the children they help. We built out an organized way to keep up with these events, as well as rsvp, and archive past events so everyone can feel a little bit closer to the joy they bring into the world.

Wrapping it up

All websites are a huge responsibility, but this one has a special place in our hearts. We made an efficient difference for a foundation touching the lives of hundreds in need. Right now they’re small, but with our implementations, they’ll be able to grow and help thousands in need of assistance across the country. 💗
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